ESG analyst Rachel Whitham visits BeGreens solar parks in Vandel

Enhancing biodiversity in and around our solar parks

9 May, 2023

How do we monitor biodiversity in our solar parks?

Rachel Whitham is an ESG Analyst at BeGreen ApS. She is tasked with biodiversity monitoring and enhancement of our solar parks.

“Having come from the ecological consulting sector, ensuring that the natural environment is considered throughout the lifetime of a project has always been a central focus of mine. I am proud to have joined a company like BeGreen that truly understands the importance behind the preservation and enhancement of their parks for biodiversity and that is completely committed to a sustainable future for all. I am looking forward to continuing my long-standing passion of environmental conservation within the context of solar energy and ESG – very exciting times!”, Rachel says.

Rachel comes to BeGreen with a background in Zoology (BSc) and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Msc). She worked as an Ecologist at Eight Versa before joining BeGreen.

Watch the video to hear more about Rachel’s work with biodiversity at BeGreen.