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Ethics and Compliance

Code of Conduct

At BeGreen, our mission is to produce and deliver affordable renewable energy, while caring for our planet, its people and their prosperity and making a positive societal contribution.

In early 2023, BeGreen became a wholly owned subsidiary of Equinor. We are proud and excited to have Equinor as a new partner on our journey to achieve our mission. Equinor and BeGreen share the same vision and we will continue, together with Equinor, to set the highest standards for how we operate sustainably as a business. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Equinor, BeGreen follows all commitments and requirements for ethical conduct outlined in our parent company’s Code of Conduct.

For us, sustainably produced electricity entails assuming a responsible and holistic approach to all dimensions of sustainability – relating to economic, environmental, social and governance matters, across all our operations. BeGreen is committed to operating in a way which can achieve these aspirations. We acknowledge our societal role in contributing to a more sustainable future, and with this, comes considerable responsibility. It is our responsibility to conduct our business with integrity and respect for human rights and our environment.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services without compromising our social, environmental, and ethical business standards, and our Code of Conduct sets out our expectations, commitments and requirements for ethical conduct.

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Raising a Concern

At BeGreen we raise ethical dilemmas and act with integrity.

The Ethics Helpline, a channel centrally managed by Equinor, has been set up to ensure confidentiality and to protect the rights of both the caller and the subject of a report. This multi-language service is hosted by a third-party helpline provider and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Ethics Helpline can be used to raise concerns or report any suspected or potential breach of the law or company policies, by employees and our third parties.

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