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Luxcara and BeGreen ready to supply 120,000 households with green Danish electricity



Create a sustainable future with BeGreen

You can contribute to the transition to a greener future for coming generations.

BeGreen can provide you with 100% documented green electricity to the lowest fixed prices in the market.

Hedge your risk of increasing electricity prices with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to fixed low prices for many years ahead.

If you want a signature solar park at your company's location – BeGreen can build and manage it for you.

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Two technichians during the construction of one of vandels solar parks

We are committed to building a zero emission society

If your company enters into a Power Purchase Agreement with BeGreen, the electricity will come from a new solar park constructed to deliver electricity to you. We have a vast pipeline of solar parks ready to build, which allow us to deliver green electricity to you quickly and easily. You will receive Green Certificates of Origin for all the electricity you purchase from BeGreen.

We are committed to offering you the lowest price in the market for long-term electricity purchases, which allow you to save money and hedge your risk of increasing prices in the future.

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Be the CO2 neutral municipality

BeGreen develops sustainable energy solutions in cooperation with municipalities, landowners, neighbours and other local stakeholders. The green transition is the most important challenge of our time and requires that everyone in our society to work together to reach the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions by at least 75% by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

BeGreen offers the possibility of your municipality becoming a CO2 positive municipality. BeGreen works together with municipalities to find the best way of making the green transition happen, choosing designs and locations of the solar parks in order for the parks to blend into the landscape in the best possible way.

Our solar parks emit no noises, do not produce reflections and blend into the landscape due to our selection of the most ideal location, and the planting of a wide row of local trees, bushes and plants. The land used for solar parks will typically change from traditional agricultural land to a combination of sustainable electricity production and organic food production.

Due to the fact that part of the land used for solar parks will be utilized for organic agriculture, and therefore not be sprayed with pesticides, the groundwater reserves beneath the parks will be secured in the best way possible.

BeGreen’s solar parks annually save the environment from approx. 800 tons of CO2 per hectare, or the same as the annual CO2 emissions of approx. 100 people, by going from traditional farming to a combination of production of electricity and food production.

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UN Worldgoal 6 Clean water and sanitation
UN Worldgoal 7 Affordable clean energy
UN Worldgoal 9 Industry, Innovative And infrastructure
UN Worldgoal 12 Responsible consumption and production
UN Worldgoal 13 Climate Action
UN Worldgoal 17 Partnerships for the goals

BeGreen is committed to contributing to the achievement of UN’s sustainable development goals.

We don’t just talk – we deliver!

We seek cooperation with landowners in areas which BeGreen have designated for the development of new solar parks. It is absolutely vital for BeGreen that our projects are based on a trustful and mutually beneficial cooperation with landowners. With a track record of 275 MWp, BeGreen is the company that has the most experience in developing solar projects in Denmark.

BeGreen’s business is founded on the strong belief – and it is part of our DNA - that sustainable solutions demand cooperation with landowners, municipalities and neighbours to create the best possible solution blending the solar park into the landscape while at the same time protecting nature and our cultural landscape. As part of the BeGreen sustainable concept, there will still be farming on the land after construction of the solar park.

Be a partner in the green transition and get a high, risk-free income from your fields – whilst maintaining the cultivation of your land. For up to 40 years Solar can be your next crop on your land in partnership with BeGreen!

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Green investments create long-term investor value

BeGreen offers projects where the income is purely based on market prices (merchant) or based on long-term Power Purchase Agreements or combinations thereof. BeGreen can tailor the income structure depending on an investor’s wishes and risk profile.

BeGreen has a vast pipeline of projects in Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

We seek long-term relationships with institutional investors such as pensions funds, insurance companies, large electricity consumers, businesses, family offices and industrial businesses, family funds and other professional investors with an interest and focus on renewable energy projects.

BeGreen has a track record of developing and selling 275 MWp solar projects in Denmark and is thereby the most experienced solar partner on the Danish market.

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Solar power panels at one of our Tier 1 solar park in vandel

MWp since we started

BeGreen's goal is to develop, construct and operate 4 GWp by the end of 2025.

MWp by 2025

About us

BeGreen is part of the Bregentved Group. Bregentved has been in the ownership of the Moltke family since 1746. As part of Bregentved’s long-term sustainability strategy, BeGreen was founded on the vision of becoming the first company to build a 100% subsidy free commercial scale solar park in Denmark.

Today, BeGreen is the first company that will build solar parks and produce certified green energy without any subsidies at all, while delivering attractive electricity prices for the consumers, and a stable and high return on investments for the investors.

BeGreen remains committed in its projects and takes responsibility for operating and managing its solar parks; ensuring the parks are running smoothly and guaranteeing the highest availability in the market.

By 2019, BeGreen has installed 120 MWp solar PV capacity in Denmark. By 2020/2021, BeGreen will build an additional 230 MWp based on its substantial pipeline of new projects in Denmark, Sweden and Poland for the coming years.

BeGreen’s mission is to develop, construct and operate 4 GWp by the end of 2025.

Arrow showing BeGreen progress and goals: 120 MWp installed - 155 MWp developed and sold - 231 MWp ready to build - 4000 MWp in the pipeline

Tons of annual CO2e savings today

BeGreen's goal for the reduction of CO2e emissions

Tons of annual CO2e savings by 2025

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Address: Koldinghus Allé 1, 4960 Haslev DK