External factors affect annual result for BeGreen

Annual Report 2021-2022: Significant growth despite challenges

23 September, 2022


BeGreen presents annual report for 2021-2022

Pressure on logistics
It has been an exciting year at BeGreen. Despite a number of structural challenges counting inflation, growing prices on raw materials and delayed deliveries of solar panels and other components, we end up with a net revenue totaling 445 million DKK and 62 million DKK in earnings before tax for the accounting year of 2021-2022.

“There have been delays on the entire logistics and supply chain from Asia to Denmark. We have also continuingly had to navigate covid-lock downs affecting processes at the plants, as well as delays regarding grid connection. So we have been affected by a multitude of – primarily – external factors”, says managing partner at BeGreen, Anders Dolmer, in an interview with the Danish daly Børsen.

Significant increase in new employees
One of the reasons for BeGreen comming in below the estimated revenue for this year is the hiring of no less than 15 new employees during the past year alone.

“Over all I consider the past year a success. We have hired a great number of valuable employess and that is one of the primary prerequisites for the growth we are heading towards”, says Anders Dolmer.

BeGreen expect to onboard upwards of 60 more employees by the end of 2023 to keep up with demand for solar power – not only in Denmark but in a number of European markets counting Sweden and Poland among others.

“It is a very interesting European Marked currently. There is a massive demand for the services we provide, and there are a number of countries that have an immediate need to make changes towards a green transition and energy independency. That’s really where we want to pitch in and help”, says Anders Dolmer.

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